02 September 2014

The Three Degrees:
'When Will I See You Again?' (1974)

Open Letter from Frmr Reagan Advisor Calls-Out Obama Re. Inexcusable Abandonment of
FORMAL, Signed Guarantee of Ukrainian Borders

31 August 2014

Ted Cruz Hints at What His 2016
Presidential Campaign Might Look Like

"In the last 50 years, there's only one Republican who has a 
group of Democrats named after him - Reagan Democrats"

More at PJ Tattler...   (Paula Bolyard)


29 August 2014

You Don't Say

Putin/Cronies Operate Aggressive,
Criminal State-within-a-State
Void of Philosophy, Principle, or Shame

With the Russian invasion of Eastern Ukraine -just like Sarah Palin (and I) warned you about over five years ago- Vladimir Putin and his tight, sinister inner circle have betrayed themselves for what they really are- a (rogue)
state within a state. More specifically, the Putin regime is a criminal organization that enjoys the protection of the state in which it resides... 

TGIF Toonz