01 December 2015

Shelby-Mustang GT350:
So What's a 'Flat-Plane Crank', Anyway?

Hard to Take Complex, Expensive 'Green' Energy Schemes -Like Solar/Wind- Seriously When
NATURAL GAS Solves ALL Our Problems...

-and does that while making the US an
international energy-export powerhouse:

30 November 2015

COURAGE IN A BOTTLE: The Jihadist's Drug

By Michaela Witton

Dubbed the 'jihadist’s drug', Captagon is rapidly flooding the Middle East and is said to be fueling the bloody conflict in Syria. French media recently reported that the Paris attackers may have taken the drug.

Last weekend, Turkish anti-narcotics police seized 11 million Captagon pills in a haul that weighed almost two tonnes. It was set to ship to Gulf countries. Widely banned since the mid-eighties, the pills provide a cheap and long-lasting high and are highly addictive. They also have the potential to cause psychosis and brain damage.

The production of the drug, which keeps fighters awake over long periods of time, is said to be providing income for all factions involved in the Syrian war...

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29 November 2015

Ella Fitzgerald: 'I'm Beginning To See The Light' - 1945


28 November 2015

Can a Dying Civilization Defeat ISIS
and Radical Islam...?

By any measure, we are losing the war 
against ISIS and radical Islam 

A bigger problem is we do not yet realize we are losing or why. Their legions are growing, their ambitions are apocalyptic... and our resolve is as strong as silly putty.

Without question, our military is superior to any other on earth and we could inflict devastating damage to ISIS if we unleashed our military forces against them. But we are not going to do that—not today, not next month and not after the next atrocity strikes Cleveland, Phoenix or Richmond.

We have a President and his designated replacement-in-waiting who think “climate change” is a greater threat than Islamists with nuclear weapons, and that the way to defeat squads of suicide bombers is to welcome their brothers, sisters and cousins as our neighbors and give them the right to vote.

But we have a deeper problem than our commander in chief being AWOL.
If you ask yourself how he can get away with never uttering the words 'radical Islam,' then you might begin uncovering the deeper problem: Obama is not alone in willfully avoiding the truth about an enemy sworn to our destruction. He has many accomplices and coconspirators.

If we are honest we must face a very dark and sobering fact: The outcome of this war is far from certain. We are proud of being a nation of can-do optimists, but we are also a nation in denial about a culture in a tailspin...

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