10 October 2015

YIKES: Russian Jet 'SHOT DOWN by Turkish Forces After Violating their Airspace'

According to reports, eyewitnesses saw a large explosion in Huraytan, northern Syria, while three fighter jets were hovering above.

One journalist tweeted that three Turkish planes were responding to "mysterious" lock-ons from Mig-29 jets, which are used by Putin's forces...

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09 October 2015

Duke Ellington: 'Black Beauty'

black beauty, duke ellington

Re. Wall Street Journal's Pathetic Attempt to See
Paul Ryan Become Speaker of the House

Over at the GOP establishment's press-release reprint service 
(aka The Wall Street Journal), panic over Kevin McCarthy's sudden 
withdrawal from the race for the Speaker's gavel is palpable...

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08 October 2015

Can You Match Joe Biden's Perfect Score on IQ Test?

Stories of Muslim Migrant Riots in EU Buried by
Appallingly Dishonest US Media Blackout

This is nice (language warning)...

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Will Anybody EVER Trust America Again
Now that Obama Allowed Russians to Bomb
CIA-Backed Syrian Rebels to Smithereens?

Why would they?

And just think of the irony- Obama abandoned the (NATO member) Poles and Czechs to their own fate when he withdrew W's plans for missile-defense in central/eastern Europe... ostensibly to make nice with the Kremlin. 
But NATO pledges of support 'within days'  mean little when you've already been turned to ash.

Then they watched in horror as Putin shredded Ukraine and put more missiles in Kaliningrad, right in Europe's face.

NOW the Russians -who we supposedly sold-out NATO members to befriend- are showing the entire world what a bunch of feckless, undependable, and downright dangerous 'friends' the United States can be... as every single village the 'Free Syrian Army' held is bombed flat by Sukhoi fighter/bombers.

This is a lot bigger than just allowing Moscow Middle East influence they've been aggressively seeking for 70 years- it's about destroying US credibility utterly. It's also handed Putin the golden opportunity to show the world how he'll never abandon an ally -like Assad- no matter how tough things get.

A lot of us think BHO actually wants to emasculate the US for good, to end it's dominance as the world's sole superpower. On that count, our Defeatist-in-Chief is actually kicking butt. But our enemies do indeed appear to be his friends, producing a deeply-damaging effect on US prestige... the fog and confusion produced Obama's unhinged foreign policy is as demoralizing to (those how used to be) our allies as it is to we Americans.

I'll bet this Syrian kid with a piece of Russian shrapnel in his forehead doesn't think much of our rapidly-fading 'superpower' status-