31 January 2015

Recommended Saturday Reading
for Normal, Non-Weird Americans:

28 January 2015

Hump-Day Humor

Reality Check on Huckabee...

Late last week, a nasty little scuffle of the premature 2016 presidential campaign reminded us why both Mitt Romney and Mike Huckabee should be kept miles away from the Republican presidential nomination. 

It also reminded us that Huckabee thinks he can sell snake oil even to water moccasins. Neither the moccasins nor Republican voters should buy what he’s selling...

26 January 2015

'Miss Colombia' Paulina Vega Stuns Judges,
is Duly Crowned 'Miss Universe 2014'

ISIS Maniacs Take Car Bombing to Next Level
with 'Suicide Tanker Bomb'

Now that the Islamic State's blood-soaked establishment/expansion has been been slowed considerably by Kurdish Peshmerga units -along with US/coalition airstrikes- the Kurds are moving into ISIS territory around Mosul (which the Islamists have been turning into a fortress) as ISIS appears to be on the defensive...