23 August 2014

It's a MAD, MAD, MAD, MAD World...

20 August 2014

About Sums It Up-

Good Riddance, Medieval Moron

The upper photo had recently -incorrectly- been portrayed around the internet as a 'child bride' being forced to marry an ISIS warrior in Syria and/or sold as a slave, when in truth the girl was crying because she botched a poem the poor thing was called upon to recite at a (clearly frightening)
ISIS 'youth rally'....

Hump-Day Humor

"I Said I'll End the War in Iraq... and I Ended It!"

The 'Islamic State' is also holding a second American journalist, who's fate 'depends on US actions in Iraq'. Obama is just doing super in destroying US morale top-to-bottom (who couldn't see this coming?), and now I guess we get another negotiation where Obama empties Gitmo for one hack who probably never should have even been waltzing around over there in the first place.

Appalling forced statement by freshly beheaded 
U.S. journalist James Foley -here-