18 August 2017

Dear Trump Voters: You’re a Bunch of Idiots

Matt Lewis @ The Daily Beast
Face it. It’s a train wreck from top-to-bottom. For America, and for conservatism. The sooner we pull the plug on this charlatan, the better...

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13 August 2017

Sasse on Trump’s Venezuela Remarks: ‘NO’

'Congress doesn’t vote to spill Nebraskans' blood 
based on who the executive lashes out at today'

Republican Sen. Ben Sasse issued a blunt and dismissive statement Friday night knocking down President Donald Trump’s suggestion that the United States is considering military action against Venezuela...

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04 August 2017

SHOCKER: Trump Regularly Cheats at Golf,
Lies About His Scores, Handicap

Playing golf with the 45th President of the United States offers a revealing character study of him. Donald Trump's private clubs are where he feels most comfortable, and holding court with members and guests and employees is an important part of the ritual...

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02 August 2017

Ben Sasse Turns-Down Offer to
Run The Heritage Foundation

Possibly signaling a major shift, conservative think tank has 
made a run at one of the Senate's top anti-Trump Republicans

The Heritage Foundation has approached one of the Senate’s leading anti-Trump Republicans, Ben Sasse, to gauge his interest in serving as president — an indication the influential conservative think tank may turn away from its supportive posture toward the president.

Sasse, who was elected to his first term in the Senate in 2014, has swatted down the overtures from Heritage’s board of trustees, according to two sources familiar with the recruitment effort... 

12 July 2017

BIG Questions Mostly Being Ignored
In Light of the Donald Trump Jr. Bombshell...

John Ziegler
OK, that was fast. So now, thanks to Donald Trump Jr. himself, we have proof of at least the intent to collude with Russia during the 2016 campaign...

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08 July 2017

Trump Handed Putin a STUNNING VICTORY

Trump’s desire for a warmer relationship with Putin is perhaps the
one position on which
he has never vacillated since assuming office...

President Donald Trump needed to accomplish two things this week during his visits to Poland and the G-20 Summit in Hamburg. First, he needed to reassure America’s allies that he was committed to collective defense and the core set of values and principles that bind us together. Second, he needed to demonstrate that he understands that the greatest threat to that alliance, those values, and our security is the Kremlin.

Trump delivered neither of these...